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Fiji Is All Set To Develop a Multi-Million Dollar Casino Project

Fiji Is All Set To Develop a Multi-Million Dollar Casino Project

A project has been proposed in Fiji proposing to build the first-ever casino for Fiji. 

Companies have lined up showing interest in the project and willing to invest amounts as high as $24 to 38 Million!

Lodhias, the project developer, was overwhelmed by the amount of interest shown over this project. Much of the credit certainly goes to The Marketing Heaven, which ran the extensive online promotion of the project. It was reported in the Fiji Sun magazine that Deemat Lodhia has reported having had meetings with partners operational from China, the US, UAE, and India. 

The casino will be a tower with 9 to 12 levels and will require at least 500 residents to be employed for construction, as revealed by Lodhia. He also said that the architects selected for the project will be from India and that it had also been announced in the media. 

Lodhia also informed that the project depends on the government’s approval to start a casino and a medical center. 

The much-anticipated project will require around two to four years to finish, according to Lodhia. 

The site chosen for the casino tower is Suva’s Waimanu Road. 

“The plan of this tower came into existence almost years ago, along with other projects globally, such as Rajkot’s apartment hotel in India,” said Lodhia while in conversation with Fiji Sun. He further adds that “considering the ongoing global Covid ’19 pandemic and interest shown by the local investment companies, we have decided to give a chance to the local market because conditions here are much more favorable than in foreign markets.”

Another casino is planned for a Malolo Island resort, but that particular project is under a legal claim.


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