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Want to relocate to Fiji? Here are six factors to consider

Want to relocate to Fiji? Here are six factors to consider

Fiji is a world destination for many and a dream come true to even more. However, there are factors that an expat should consider before moving to the Island.

Research on visas required before relocating to Fiji. Among the popular visas used is a working permit. This is usually applied by the employer on your behalf through Immigration Fiji while you are out of the country. Investor (working) Permit demands the applicant to meet various requirements including financial ability.

Another common visa is the Residence Visa. This requires the applicant to meet requirements of ability to sustain him. It does not entitle him to earn money in any form.  However, for an Australian expat, a four-month tourist visa is guaranteed. However, this does not entitle a person to school in Fiji.

Education in Fiji offers up to four options for school-going expat children. With a proper visa that allows schooling, one may choose international schools. There are two international schools located in Nadi and Suva. They are however quite expensive, but with a schooling remuneration package, your expat children will fit right in.

Alternative schools are also an option. They are quite many in Suva and the rest of the country and have the New Zealand curriculum. Their costs are also affordable for most expat children.

The Ministry of Education of Fiji manages District/Local schools. They absorb most of the local children and have the Fijian curriculum. They are also quite affordable for anyone and are many in numbers.

Homeschooling or distance learning is another option. Carry the required learning materials as they are not readily available in Fiji. Teachers for hire are readily available.

Quality health insurance is crucial for any expat in Fiji. Always obtain medical covers before departing your home country. If relocating for employment, ensure that health insurance is part of the remuneration package.

Location is an essential factor to consider. Expats working in Fiji mostly don’t have a choice on where to live. Most are referred to Suva while others are directed to Nadi. Find here more about The Dublin Roofers. Those choosing their own should consider social amenities like hospitals and grocery stores, ocean proximity and protection from possible weather disasters. Other things to consider are electricity and water supplies.

The cost of living in Fiji as an expat is relatively high. This is due to the relatively high rental charges and expensive consumables which are usually imported. However, taxi transportation, entertainment, and local dishes are inexpensive. Have a strategic spending plan and make your travel enjoyable before relocating to Fiji.

Fiji is renowned as a ‘Rugby Nation’ in the world. For an expat, rugby sports should be part of your favorites. It may not necessarily be playing rugby. The sport is loved in Fiji, and while ongoing, most of the services like transportation are usually unavailable. Fiji even celebrates a public holiday for the sport!


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