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Living as an expat in Suva, Fiji

Living as an expat in Suva, Fiji

Hello and welcome to Suva as an expat. Fiji is famous for being the home of eco-tourism. Besides, many people recommend the white sand beaches and enjoy coral driving. Your safety as an expat is guaranteed despite the recent reports of economic and ethnic violence. The country has 333 tropical islands.
The lifestyle in Fiji is different from the western culture. You will not find anything equal to Wal-Mart or Target stores. However, Suva has various shopping malls and supermarkets. The cost of living in Suva is relatively cheap. Some expats who travel with families survive only using one person’s salary.
Suva is a religious city and churches such as Adventists, Presbyterian, Catholics, and Methodist are spread. On weekends, especially Sundays, you will find most businesses closed. Mosques and Hindu temples are also available in Suva.
The social life of people varies. Many residents in Suva also associate with their family friends. It may not be easy for an expat to make friends within a short time. So then, expats may feel isolated in religious programs. Fiji citizens like sports. Some participate while others are spectators. Besides, some sports are organized on the beaches.
Food supply is excellent in Suva. It is recommended for those who want to buy fish to buy in the morning hours. The weather conditions in Fiji are mainly cold so expats should carry warm clothing. You will also find expats from various parts of the world in Suva.
Although the beaches in Fiji are beautiful, Suva doesn’t have the best beaches. The neighboring beaches need at least 45 minutes’ drive from Suva.
Electricity supply is not stable in Fiji. Suva is not an exception, and it also experiences blackouts. These are common during the rainy seasons, and you should have a backup generator. Expats should ensure their mobile phones and laptops have full power to prevent inconveniences caused by constant power blackouts.
Accommodation of expats in Suva
The cost of renting property in Suva is not high. However, expats should familiarize themselves with the terms and conditions before paying rent. Expats do not require expat visa to rent a property in Fiji. Security of the area is crucial, and in some cases, expats opt to employ guards. The fence of the property should prevent dogs which hover within the town. Home invasions are common in Fiji hence expats should fit their homes or apartments with alarms.


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