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Airbnb launches in Fiji and the Pacific

Airbnb launches in Fiji and the Pacific

Airbnb an internationally famous market platform has finally been launched in Fiji and the Pacific areas. Airbnb market offers booking services for tourists interested in private homes and properties while in private holiday getaways and vacations. Allen Prince and Priya Singh, born and brought up in Suva, Fiji have been selected to be its ambassadors in the Pacific. The duo expressed their excitement towards the massive market for Airbnb in Fiji. Priya is the CEO and founder of Mentor Me Fiji Foundation, a mentor program for children in state care to improve their educational outcomes. Her co- ambassador Allen is a part of Cedar Web Consultants founders and a former representative of Fiji basketball.
Airbnb online market idea was created by two friends, 2008, in San Francisco after renting an air mattress in a rented apartment in the city. The duo then started a platform where visitors would be able to borrow space in private residences for a fee.
Priya explains that Airbnb gives a chance to hosts to post their properties with a description and specified dates of availability to guests. On the other hand, visitors can access the market by viewing listed properties and their readiness to make hire requests for their preferred products. Airbnb hosts incur zero costs for listing their property on the website. In every transaction Airbnb takes 3% of the charged fee as commission while hosts keep the rest making it quite profitable to hosts. The company has resolved to expand its presence in Pacific due to the rising number of tourists.
The ambassadors help in growing and guiding the Airbnb hosts community in Fiji. With already 1300 Airbnb guests, Allen and Priya are glad that this market has helped hosts make extra monies from hosting. A two-bedroom apartment earns an impressive $F390 per night. They are optimistic that more people will dive into the hosting market to increase their income base.
Airbnb connects hosts to potential visitors through the use of IDs, contact info and social media accounts on a feature called verified ID. This builds up a trust for both parties to engage in such transactions. Among other features of Airbnb include protection insurance against accidental damage to property and a host guarantee of up to $1,000,000. One is also able to assess a host depending on views presented by past guests of the host, and vice versa which builds up trust among the parties involved.
Priya and Allen shared the experience with Airbnb and are confident that this platform is one of the best service providers where one can access unlimited safe products. Additionally, this platform is a perfect place to express different world cultures and local experience to guests.
The two ambassadors have promised to give guidance, answers to queries and advice tips to hosts in Pacific Islands on www.homeinroam.com/airbnb an entirely free service. They will also assist hosts to make market-attractive listings.


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