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Excavation Project – An Advancement for Sigatoka

Excavation Project – An Advancement for Sigatoka

The Sigatoka Iron Sands Project evaluation results have surpassed the hopes of Dome Gold Mines Ltd.  The excavating company discovered that the Southern Kulukulu region has a huge bed containing iron sand. The great grades of minerals are available for excavating. 

“For the Sigatoka Iron Sands Project, this is a table-turner. Southern Kulkulu appears as a perfect spot for manufacturing for the initial 6 to 7 years,” Garry Lowder, chairman of the company, made the statement in the yearly general meeting of Dome Gold Mines.

The project operates over 2,522.69 hectares of area, covering the Sigatoka River, the plains on edge, and some of the shoreside area.

The said excavation, raking, and the mineral obtaining project are expected to bear profitable economic results. 

The major benefit will come in employment opportunities for the residing citizens due to the growing productive nature of the land, river, and marine environment. 

Mr. Lowder made the statement that the land has small but remarkable deposits of high-grade minerals, from which 48% comprise heavy ones. 

He also said that the alluvial sands area is that of the down-thrown fault blocks and sustain marble and limestone debris. 

Previously, the Sigatoka river held the course alongside the western lane of the alluvial plain but has gradually moved towards the eastern lane, constructing up the huge washed sand concentrations sustained by the southeastern winds’ support as well as ocean currents. 

The river’s western edge has concentrated ample amounts of sand consisting of magnetite. 

Sigatoka now has mineral deposits of 189.5 million tonnes (Mt), with 12.7% of them as heavy minerals (HM). The cut-off grade is 8% HM.


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