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Continued increase in total visitors coming into Fiji

Continued increase in total visitors coming into Fiji

Reports from Fiji Bureau of Statistics (FBOS) show that Fiji has been experiencing a steady consecutive increase in visitors since 2012. The annual provisional tourist’s arrivals were recorded at 630, 700 in 2017 which was an increase from 2016 whereby a total of 600,887 visitors were recorded.
A 6.4 percent increase in the annual visitor arrivals amounting to 842,884 was reported last year. This is in comparison to the 792,320 total yearly visitor arrivals in 2016. Data published by the statistics bureau indicated that among the total visitors received in 2017, 74.8 percent of them came for holiday purposes. Visitors who came for other purposes were recorded at a total of 104,470 persons.
The 104,470 visitors included 14,708 foreigners attending official conferences on the shores of Fiji. Among them also were 8541 visitors who came for training and education purposes in Fiji. These reports reveal the number of workshops, training, seminars and major international and regional events hosted in Fiji throughout 2017. Meanwhile, the rest 81,221 visitors came into the country for other purposes. 74,492 visitors representing 8.8 percent were reported to have visited their relatives and friends in Fiji. 32,222 which represent 3.9 percent of the total visitor came in for business activities.
The month with a highest total number of visitors was a record of 90,000 in July 2017 which was the most top mark in the country’s history. August was the second with a total of 82,316 visitors followed by October with 78,164 visitors.
According to the bureau, the increased numbers of visitors witnessed in 2017 was due to the rise in top source markets visitors coming into the country. Such included visitors from the United States of America who increased by 11,570 to total to 81,198. Visitors from New Zealand also rose by 20,759 to total at 184,595 while those from Australia totaled to 365,389. The rest of the Asian Regions amounted to 24,951 visitors. Find here Maid This Franchise site. Other regions from where there was an increased number of visitors coming in were Pacific Islands, South Korea, Canada, Japan, Continental Europe and the United Kingdom.
Daily average arrivals of 1002 and 506 visitors were recorded from Fiji’s top source markets in Australia which had 365,689 total visitors to Fiji and New Zealand whose total Fiji visitors amounted to 184,595. Visit www.larsappliances.com. The month of July was the peak for 26,448 Kiwi visitors and 9525 visitors from the US. However, most of the Chinese visitors (5908) came in January with most of UK visitors (1961) beginning in July.
Fiji Bureau of Statistics releases visitor reports in every month. The bureau sources this data from immigration offices of Fiji.


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